How I Eventually Got Rid of the Warts That Were Taking Over My Life

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I got my first wart early in my thirteenth year of life. My dad and mom both had brief stints with warts so I thought nothing of it and had it burnt off with liquid nitrogen. I kept making trips to see the doctor every month to have the thing burnt off again and again, it just wouldn’t die.

I thought that removing a wart was just something small and everyone would go through it at one time or another but that wasn’t the case. Removing warts is quite the lengthy and painful process.

First, my general practitioner tried liquid nitrogen. That didn’t keep the warts away, they would bring friends too. What looked like was happening was that the epicenter of the wart would die off, but the virus would survive on the outskirts. When the virus got going again instead of the one wart in the middle, there would be three around the old wart’s circumference.

My thumb wartI had a nasty wart taking up my hole fingertip on my left thumb and I could basically feel it sucking my will to live. In addition to the mother-ship wart, I had maybe between ten and twenty other warts that were speckled all over my two hands. I constantly had bandages covering my warts and would only wear long sleeved shirts so I could hide my hands in the sleeves. Whenever I would have my GP freeze my thumb wart with liquid nitrogen, I would almost pass out because of the pain. Most of the nervous systems nerve endings are at the extremities of the body, like fingertips, this made freezing the thumb wart off probably still the most painful experience of my life.

Next, my GP had me treat myself at home with a white cream that basically drowned the skin the wart lived in. This wasn’t the same intensity of pain that was associated with liquid nitrogen, but it was drawn out over time. My thumb wart would throb all day long for weeks and I thought this was the only way. After treatment, it looked like that one part of my finger had been in the bath for five days. It was completely white and I was supposed to pick off the dead skin that the wart lived in. So I took an emery board to my supposedly dead thumb wart until I shaved off two or three centimeters of the virus. It got so bloody and so painful that I couldn’t go any further. It looked like the virus had made its way down to the bone.

Later, my GP would send me to a dermatologist. I had to wait months to get an appointment but I finally got in to see him. He applied a brown liquid that was supposed to cause an allergic reaction and alert my bodies defenses to the affected area. Allergic reaction I did. My thumb swelled up to the size of a cucumber and it was very red and screaming with pain. There were pockets of my finger that filled up with water, and I thought that this was going to be the last treatment I ever did. Needless to say, my body didn’t do anything to solve the wart problem. At this point, I never thought that I would find a product to remove a wart.

My mom suggested the Duct tape occlusion therapy wherein you put duct tape on the affected area for a certain amount of time, then file the virus down. I tried it but when it came time to file it down with an emery board, it was too bloody and painful to continue. I tried rubbing banana peels on it to no avail. By far my most ridiculous treatment was an old cloth. I would rub the wart with a cloth and then bury it under a full moon. Believe it or not, that didn’t work either. Nothing worked. Until I found “No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags” by Chris Gibson.

my thumb wartI was at home surfing through garbage daytime television when I saw this young adult being interviewed on the A channel morning show about his product, the aforementioned “No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags”. Obviously, having tried everything western medicine could throw at me, I was a bit skeptical. I went online and read hundreds of reviews. It was hard to find a bad review but when you did, they only ever mentioned that the skin was left loose for a while, but what do you expect when you’ve just pulled a two inch tumor off your finger? Anyways, it was among the cheapest methods I had yet tried so I found his website and bought the book.

This damn method took care of my nasty thumb wart in three days flat. This was the largest and most vicious of all my twenty or so warts at the time and it made incredibly short work of it. My thumb tip had been restored to its almost former glory. Because the virus had grown so large, it had stretched the skin around it. When the wart was gone, there were still some wrinkles and creases in my thumb skin, but I seriously could not have been happier. I quickly got to work on the other smaller warts.

Chris’ method didn’t scar me like liquid nitrogen did and it worked faster and less painfully. I really don’t know where I would be without him. I don’t scare off girls anymore (even though I did score my current girlfriend with the warts) and I can wear short sleeve shirts again. I had honestly come to terms with the fact that I would be spending the rest of my life with these uninvited alien viruses and I’m ecstatic that I don’t have to.

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my wartless thumbmy wartless handremoved a wart

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To Remove a Common Wart or Live With It?

When I first got a wart, my friends told me that they had had them in the past and to just let nature take its course and my body would get rid of the virus. It made sense enough in my mind; it was a virus, not unlike a cold, and my body had killed off dozens of colds before. Unfortunately, my immune system seemed to like the virus and things only got worse. One wart turned into five, which turned into ten, which made me see my general practitioner for some advice. He gave me the same as my friends and told me to wait it out.

No word of a lie, a wart is a benign tumor. These things are highly vascularized and suck a whole lot of blood to the affected area. That means that the ones on my fingertips, where I had the most nerve endings, really hurt. It was a constant throbbing that only ever subsided because I just got used to the pain. If I thought about my fingers, they would hurt. I couldn’t type for long periods of time, the wart on my thumb made it impossible to play video games and even operating scissors was painful for me.

If you are suffering from warts, anywhere on your body, I would highly recommend you take care of them as soon as you notice it because, in my experience, it really does only get worse. Granted, there is a chance that your immune system will eventually catch on to the infection but there’s also the alternative.

I really wish I had nipped my problem in the butt before it got out of hand. The doctors didn’t want to treat me because they thought it was strictly cosmetic and would leave more ghastly scars than getting rid of the scars naturally would. I had a really tough time convincing them that there was much more to your hands being taken over by a mutant virus than cosmetics.

Please, heed my warning and trust me that if your wart problem does get out of hand, it will be incredibly painful. It’s much easier and less painful to treat a single wart than a body full of them.

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Remove a Wart – Knowing Your Enemy

Warts are non-living infections, that’s what makes them so hard to kill. A wart is caused by a virus called human papilloma virus and I’m sure you’ve heard of this resilient little sucker. Like a cold, there is no “cure” for a wart because it is a virus. Antibiotics don’t work on viruses because they aren’t technically alive. There are three types of the HPV virus that cause the common warts, aptly named 1,2 and you guessed it, 3.

Type 1 warts are often associated with deep plantar warts, on the sole of the feet, and palmar warts, on the palm of the hand.

Type 2 of the virus causes common, mosaic plantar, filiform, and plantar warts.

Type 3 of the virus causes plane warts which are commonly called flat warts. HPV types 6 and 11 cause almost all genital warts.

All of the common warts can be treated with traditional methods, but none of them worked for me and they were all incredibly painful and tedious.

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Dealing With the Wart Virus – A Youtube Video

I made a video for those of you too lazy to read on how to remove a wart. Wart removal is not rocket science but it can certainly seem like it. I went five years having all kinds of the virus all over my hands. At times there would be two warts on each hand, at times, ten. Please watch this video and compare your experiences to mine and then see how I finally and ultimately got rid of my terribly painful and incredibly unsightly

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